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October 14, 2010

Kashmiri Tea

Kashmiri Tea

Green tea leaves 6 tsp
Cardamom Crushed ½ tsp
Bicarbonate of soda ½ tsp
Creamy Milk ½ liter
Fresh Cream optional
Pistachio crushed
Almonds crushed
Water 6 cups
Sugar acc to taste
Salt to taste


Add tea leaves, salt, seeds of cardamom and bicarbonate of soda and bring them to boil. When it will remain 1/3 of its quantity, drain it and keep aside. Boil the milk with cardamom over low heat. Add the drained tea water in it. Now keep boiling for 5-10 minutes. Add sugar in it and turn off the stove. Now put it in cups add pistachio and almonds and cream in it.