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September 20, 2011

Tortillas De Maiz


Masa harina 2 cups
All purpose flour 2 tablespoons
Cold water


In a bowl add masa harina and flour. Add water to make dough. Add little water at a time. Make moist dough. Dough should be neither too dry nor too moist. Knead the dough until it smooth and soft. Now cover the bowl of dough with plastic sheet and let it stand for 1-2 hours. Again knead the dough briefly and then divide them into equal 12 pieces. Also make rolls of the dough into little balls.

Preheat heavy skillet. Now press the balls in you hand and make them large round shaped flat tortillas. Lay the tortilla on the hot skillet in a sweeping motion. Allow the tortilla to cook from one side on low flame when it starts change its color turn the tortilla and allow it to cook from the other side too. During this phase the tortilla should begin to puff. If it does not, it probably means that the heat is not high enough. Sometimes you can encourage the puffing by passing edge of the spatula lightly over top of the tortilla, as if you were tickling it. If your timing has been a little off you may need to turn the tortilla once or twice more. When the tortilla is done, place it in a tortilla warmer or wrap it in a towel. Leave the tortillas to steam for about 10 minutes.