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June 12, 2010

Prawn Omelete

Prawn Omelete
Prawn Omelet

Eggs 4
Salt, black pepper to taste
Oil 1 table spoon
Onion ½ cup
Prawns ½ cup
Peas 8-10


Water ½ cup
Corn flour 1 tablespoon
Chinese salt to taste
Sugar ½ tea spoon
Soya sauce 1 tea spoon


Soaked peas in water for whole night. It will start sprouting.
Beat eggs and add all other ingredients in it. Also add the sprouting of peas or beans in it. Not the peas.


Pour water in corn flour and mix it. Add all seasonings in it. Now heat it to boil. Make a sauce of it.

Mix sauce and egg mixture. Put oil in a fry pan and pour all the mixture in it. Spread it on the fry pan and leave it to cook. When golden from one side turn the omelet and brown it from the other side. Dish it out and serve it at once.