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August 30, 2011



Dried black eye peas ½ pound
Onions 2
Red pepper 1
Salt to taste
Ground white pepper to taste
Olive oil for deep frying
Tomatoes 2
Green pepper 1
Parsley leaves ¼ cup chopped


Soak peas overnight in water. Drain and peel the skin form the peas. Take an onion and red pepper in a food processor and pulse it. Add peas in it and puree to a paste. Transfer to a bowl and add salt, white pepper and a little amount of water (not too much) and whisk it. Heat the oil and put the paste of peas with the help of ice-cream scoop. Fry till golden brown. Season again with salt and pepper.

Pulse tomatoes, an onion, green pepper and parsley in a food processor. Add olive oil a teaspoon and season with salt and pepper. Serve with fried akaras.