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September 15, 2011

Arancini Di Riso


Water 2 ½ liters
Saffron powder 0.15 grams
Rice 1 kg
Salt to tatse
Butter 100 grams
Bread crumbs 300 grams finely grated
Mozzarella cheese

Peas 300 grams
Ragu sauce 300 grams
Oil for deep frying


Heat the water in the pan. When the water is lukewarm, add salt and rice. Stir the rice and add saffron and bring the water to boil on medium heat. Rice will be ready in 25 minutes. Add butter in the rice and mix with spatula after taking off the pan from flame. Cool down the rice. Now make the rice balls. Now make a well in the rice ball and fill the well with a little mount of ragu, peas and mozzarella cheese. Now close the rice by making a ball so that it covers the whole filling. Now coat the arancino with bread crumbs. Now make all the arancino in the same way and deep fry them by putting them in a frying basket and keep them in the hot oil. When turns to golden brown dish them out. Do not shake the too vigorously while frying.